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The atmosphere at work is a key determinant in the productivity and efficiency of employees. Employee morale is one of the keys to business success.  It is hence important to establish a good synergy among employees, creating a win-win situation, nowadays the term "Team Building" is recurrent and almost a must to foster good working conditions. This concept, is becoming increasingly popular in many organizations, large or small, the aim is to devise fun activities to create links between the participants and to combine pleasure with professional learning.

The activities generally fall into two main categories, the first one is Event, to stimulate and strengthen relationships to help your employees to grow professionally. Among activities which are most often recommended are for example get togethers or "barbecues", softball parties or any outside activities which are outside the work premises. In fact, the simple act of ending up outside the framework helps to solidify links between team members.

"Team building" aims at enhancing creativity and leadership development through games, quizzes or tests. In short, activities that lead to the development of better working techniques in a fun and stimulating environment. Synergy can then be created. Individually, each employee can be easily integrated and more easily find its place within the group.

There are nowadays firms which specialise in "Team Building" and works to foster relationships in the company to guide a team to work together generating more concrete and original ideas. These will be able to give business owners a helping hand to rally troops and thereby retaining the best employees within organizations. Team building events strengthens cohesion and trust among employees. Adherence to the corporate culture and improve the collective decision may be the case that could justify the implementation of a team building .

Team building can help keep employees on track and to walk together towards a common goal. The team members can then get to know each other. Are strengthened ties and promote mutual assistance within the company. It is also to create a climate of trust within the group to federate.

In general, team building activities are designed and implemented in a fun way. It is important that team building is in line to the company's image. Team building serves as the creation and energisation of the team, taking them out of their usual comfort zones.