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Why Your Business Needs To Be Listed

The internet is now synonymous with everyday living and consumers are increasingly going online to research products or services. From checking the price of the latest mobile phone they want to buy or finding out what time the film they want to see at the cinema is showing – it can all be found online. The internet is now essential in the purchasing process as internet usage is rising exponentially in Mauritius and with the increased use of Smartphones’ and a growing e-commerce sector.

Businesses are now realising that an online presence is a priority and not a luxury. When consumers are searching for information on a store or product online they will often check local directories to find a list of stores, their locations, contact details and any additional information required. If your business is not listed online, you risk a prospective customer coming across your competitor instead and you lose a potential revenue stream. Mauritius Yellow Pages (MYP) understand the need for businesses to have an effective online presence and provides a comprehensive, value added online directory service at very affordable prices.

1. Place Your Company’s Contact Details in Front of Local Customers
As a business, your primary customer base will most likely be found in the country you operate in. Placing your business in a local online directory will increase your overall visibility, and get you closer to your main target audience. Listing your business in a directory with a good reputation will enhance your brand’s image to the local population, and furthermore, online directories like MYP offer so much more than a simple listing service. With MYP, you can display more than just your company name, address and phone number, with different packages available, you can present company information, your logo, cover photo, gallery, brands carried, website address, social media links, branches, product and service description, and opening hours to mention just a few. There are also additional marketing and sales solutions, branding options, and other business tools available ranging from coupons, dedicated banner advertisement, QR codes, and payment gateway solutions to job vacancy announcements. Additionally, through MYP you have access to the YellowMail service that makes it easier for customers to contact you and for you to contact MYP through your business account.
Furthermore listing your business in an online directory is usually simple and straightforward, if you have any issues, the MYP customer service team are on hand to assist.

2. Build Better Brand Awareness
Brand awareness – the process of getting consumers to know your brand, is an important aspect of marketing. It is one of the first stages in the buying process. In Mauritius, with the market being relatively small, the competition is fierce, business owners’ needs to strive considerably to increase their brand awareness. It is necessary to make your business visible in a favourable light, by all possible means. Being present in an online directory helps put your business forward and increases the probability that consumers will encounter your business more often. Other opportunities to display your brand include in print adverts in newspapers, on billboards, online banner ads, or as a sponsor for an event even. Studies have shown that for a brand to stick in the memory of an individual, it needs to be encountered 7 times. By diversifying your advertising and marketing strategy you maximise the opportunities to present your brand to prospective clients. Make sure you start your branding exercise by listing your business on the MYP online directory.

3. Establish Trust with Prospective Customers
To convert a potential customer into an actual customer, a business needs to build a reputation for being trustworthy. When you establish trust with a customer they are more likely to purchase goods or services from you. By listing your business in an online directory with a strong brand name like Mauritius Yellow Pages, you project an image of trustworthiness and credibility and being communicative and responsible in your business practices will build on that reputation.

4. Enhance Consumer Engagement with Your Brand
Print directories are declining in use as people are more likely to look online for information, particularly in online directories where they can be directed to a company’s website instantly. With a print directory you are more limited with how much information you can present and you cannot correct any errors in your listing which could negatively affect your business. However with an online directory like Mauritius Yellow Pages you can alter your information at any time, and choose added value services to enhance your brand, ensuring that prospective customers are impressed when they first encounter your company.

5. Follow-up on Customer Feedback
Feedback is a very important tool in the modern business era. If you do not listen to your customers, you will never know what you are doing right or wrong and you may end up directing your business in the wrong direction. Being listed in an online business directory allows you to broaden your scope, giving your customers another outlet to express their views so that you can improve your products or services. Reviews will help you understand what is working well and what is working less well. You will be able to respond to feedback and show consumers that you are responsive and willing to make changes when needed, an act that will improve your brand image. Customer feedback is a valuable tool that allows you to know what consumers think of your brand and helps you develop strategies for raising and maintaining customer satisfaction levels in the future.

6. Improve Your Site’s SEO
Having a professional website is important but making it effective through good SEO is essential. Being listed in a credible online directory will help to enhance the SEO of your website. Businesses in Mauritius are now recognising the need for good SEO, which will make your website appear higher in the Google page rankings, and therefore increase the possibility that people find your business when they search online. Building a network of links from credible websites will help in the SEO process, your listing in an online business directory will definitely reap benefits and if you want further guidance visit our page :