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QR Codes

What are QR codes?
QR codes are these squared designs that you must have seen popping up almost anywhere these last months. There is a pretty good chance that you have seen one in magazines, blog articles, billboards, products you bought or even at coffee shops QR Codes are placed on mugs.
QR Codes are computer generated images, they acts as a shortcut to connect customers directly to online resources. When you see a QR Code you only need to scan it with an application on your mobile phone and it will connect you mobile directly to the website or the online resources available online. You do not need to browse!

Businesses can benefit from QR codes campaigns, data sharing and administration, among others. Smartphones are being extensively used throughout the world, this underline the fact that people are using technology even more. With more smartphones users, it is imperative for you to review your online and mobile strategy. Take advantage of the technology driven world to bring more people to your business, converting potential customers into regular customers.

5 reasons why to use a QR Codes

1: Easy access
QR codes can easily be accessed. It can be placed almost on any medium. Your business can technically be present everywhere. QR Codes does not need a screen to be present. In an era where smartphones are widely used, QR Codes are widely used and can prove to be highly beneficial.

2: Invoke user’s curiosity
Since QR Codes are being seen a lot these days, those who are not yet aware of it are often curious. This curiosity drive customers to scan QR Codes, to see what it is all about and then are linked to the online resources pertaining to your product, most probably to your website.

Did you know:
Restaurant chain Denny’s introduced Hobbit-themed placemats with QR codes that led 400,000 customer scans to watch exclusive videos, and mobile games about the movie.

3: Real-time information
Customers are able to readily get real time information on your products and services. For instance businesses could display daily information when their products are scanned. QR Code put your business in the new modern era.

4: Deeper relationship with customers
QR Code allows business to be closer to its customers. They provide a deeper look into their products and services, restaurants and even grocery stores can place a QR code on their products. By clicking on the QR code the customer is automatically linked to the online resource available. In an era of technology, this is a massive boost.

Did you know:
Harney’s Sushi, in an attempt to make its customers feel safe, they unveiled edible QR codes.

5: Bridge gap between online and offline media
QR codes are able to increase the visibility of your products, customers scanning your products can find its resources online hence bridging the gap, people loves companies who adheres to modern trends, by doing that, you show how innovative you are.

Did you know:
In 2011, Tesco created virtual stores at subway stations. Each product had a corresponding QR code and customers could scan the QR code and wait for delivery at home. Their online sales increased by 130% in 3 months.



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24 March 2015