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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing since a few years played a very important tool for businesses. The scope of Mobile Marketing is no longer limited to the buying and selling of products and services. A range of solution and extensive options are now available. This enables businesses to engage and interact to reach more customers. Research and measure are other options for businesses to consider integrating to improve their strategy, marketing and sales.

Companies looking to take their business online or expand their existing online business may well find themselves in a limbo in identifying the right solutions provider. Unitag Mobile marketing seeks to give a product that responds to the current marketing needs. More and more people are making use of Smartphones, which is a large segment. The French Company have devised a three layered method to successfully run a mobile campaign.

Create – Share – Measure


Create mobile surveys, Mobile contents, Coupons, Web apps that you can create within minutes, fully customisable templates. There is a wide array of services that is offered by Unitag.

Unitag offers various ways for users to share what they have created and to communicate with their customers and potential customers. QR Codes, NFC, iBeacon, SMS and Image recognition among others.

It is important to measure the progress that has been made so far to bring correction to [strategies and policies. Unitag provides Real time analytics, multichannel campaign management, user profile, geo-location in an all in one tool, is that not great?

5 good reasons to choose Unitag

Fully customizable
Multiple App design options and settings to ensure fit with your branding and marketing needs.

Social integration, Geolocation, One-click call, forms - Leverage all mobile options to create interactions.

Intuitive and Immediate
Ready-to-use Web App templates - Live Preview - No coding - No maintenance - It's that easy.

Scalable Prices
Different prices which fits your need. The price structure is flexible in nature so that it is available to a large market.

Track able and dynamic content
Access analytics, manage and update your Web Apps in real-time. Anytime you want.

Did you know:
In 2013, mobile phones have overtaken PCs as the
most common web access devices worldwide.
Mobile coupons receive 10x higher redemption
rates than print coupons.
In 2013, mobile phones have overtaken PCs
as the most common web access devices worldwide.

Interactive Web Apps
Unitag’s tool helps you to create an optimized survey within minutes to reach your audience easily. Collect valuable information for all the projects that you are undertaking, product launch, new apps, coming events etc. This allows you to better understand your audience.
Mobile Contest
This application allows the creation of powerful coupons and sweepstakes easily, it has never been as easy as it is now to make quality contest. Social Integration can be used to boost the awareness.
You can now send highly relevant offers depending on the exact location of the person. Content based information can also be sent in real time.
Mobile Business Card
Be different. Connect to people easier. This web app is the ultimate new way to make an optimum use of technology, you can carry your business card anywhere in your mobile phone, attach your CV to your profile, it can be enhanced in social features such as social networks, emails, click – to – call.

Founded in Toulouse (France) in 2011 is a blend of innovation, technological prowess and avant-gardism that have matured extensively over the years. Unitag is essentially is an all-in-one tool for Mobile Marketing Campaigns which encompass a wide variety of services, modern features like the NFC, Image recognition and QR codes. Unitag have clients in 55 countries and is used by many International established companies with activities in the four corners of the globe. The French establishment aims to broaden its operations in 2015 and reach global industry dominance with continued efforts to bring modern technologies to its clients.

20 March 2015