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ICT Services

Online Directory
Online directory is our core service. We have several packages which are very affordable to every business, with simple payment systems, discounts, increased number of features, mobile apps, payment gateways, privilege business relationships with our partners. We aim to make MYP the LEADER in business directory listings in the Indian Ocean. We will constantly update the features and try as much as possible to improve the quality of our services. Whether you are a Small, Medium or Large companies, we have different plans which have been specially designed, namely the Premium, Premium +, Classic and Classic +.

Banner Advertisement
With our network, that drive heavy traffic everyday, banner advertising can prove to be very helpful to all businesses. Even though you do not have a banner at your disposition at MYP, we make sure that you have the suitable banner by designing it for you. There are different ways in which you can have your banner on MYP. Here is a link which will provide with more information about our banner advertising services.

Search Engine Optimisation
At MYP we have the ability and knowledge concerning SEO to make sure that your page comes out at the first place in search engines. SEO is a very technical tool and when used to its full capacity it will raise the number of potential online customers that will come to visit your website.

Web Development and Applications
MYP designs web pages that will be appropriate for your business after an evaluation your objectives. We will provide measures that are good for your search optimisation and will help your website. We have experienced and talented programmers who have a genuine experience in web development. Moreover, we are affiliated to several companies which whom we share privileged business relationships and will help you to have your own website with any layout that you want.

QR Code Marketing
Do you feel that these black squares are dominating, that is another thing of the past – Customise your QR code by selecting colour and include your company logo? You can also generate QR codes in High Definition. (LINK TO UNITAG)

Native Marketing

We can do Native Marketing at MYP with our extensive network and our blog to benefit your business or agreed targets. In our technology driven world, it is essential to make use of all online tools which you can use and have an edge over competitors. Marketing is no longer the traditional marketing that it has been 10 years ago. It has evolved and native marketing is one of its outcome.

Mobile Apps
MYP will have mobile applications which will respond to the current needs of the business market. Users will moreover be able to download the MYP Application and use it in both online and offline version. We understand that you may not have an internet connection accessible all the times, hence you will be able to make use of MYP even when you do not necessarily have an internet connection readily available.

MYP Approval Seals
MYP Approval Seals is a certification that MYP awards to companies that is up to a certain standards in fields like Environment Conservation, CSR and Employee Welfare, we will increase the list of certifications as we go on. This certification seal will be awarded after a careful scrutiny and assessment of your company in that particular field. MYP will award certification seals only to companies which respect the criterias that will define in our MYP Certification Seal Policy, which you will be able to consult online. MYP officers will make visits to the premises to ensure that the Certification that we have awarded is fair and deserved. We will not want to teach our credibility by awarding Certifications to businesses who are undeserving. At MYP we will use our vast experience to accredit businesses seals for outstanding performance in their fields on the national level. In the long run we expect to deliver the seals at an annual ceremony.

Content Management
At MYP we specialise in Content Management, we have a team of young dynamic creative professionals with sound business and IT knowledge to do content management. We offer a scalable package that would not burden your other financial responsibilities. We understand that not all businesses can afford high fees for Content Management, thus we will have customised prices according to your needs. Content Management also involve the use of specialised programs that MYP have acquisition of, for the smooth running of the process of content management. We are moreover affiliated to many international companies that can share their expertise with you.

Web Design

You no longer need to own a large business to have a website, gone are these times where this was the luxury of a privileged few, at MYP we have made sure that the prices are kept low to be within the reach of any business. It is very important to have a website that reflects the standard of your business, most customers browse the internet to look for products before actually buying, so its a market you cannot neglect.

27 May 2016