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10 Reasons Why Online Marketing Is Important

Whether you are just a new kid on the walk or a long established company, online marketing offers today unimaginable possibilities. Here are 10 examples (to tell the truth 11 but 10 is much more rounded):

The birth of a huge market.
And yes, it's over the age of our grandparents when an SME touched only potential customers of his town or area. Today, with the Internet, we can have customers all over the country and even better, across the planet. There is no longer any geographical limits.

Direct contact.
The electronic mail shall, henceforth, give the possibility to reach decision makers directly. There is no longer the problem of executive secretary that prevents you contact your representative and filter all messages that you can leave. Now you can chat directly with decision makers on the planet (well, those who are connected !!!).

Better targeting.
What is horrible is to solicit a company to realize that it does not correspond at all to what is sought or does not fit the customer profile type. With the Internet, you walk through the websites of companies and you know immediately what may become the target of your sales pitch.

A saving of money.
You never had the means to reach large numbers of potential customers? With the Internet, it is henceforth possible and this has a very minimal cost. You can try, learn, develop your sales pitch online.

And another important economy.
Internet allows you to save the most precious resource on earth:
the time. (time is the same for all and is something that can not give nor sell but just a gift.) Make your demarches through the internet. You'll save hours of car trips, expectations for appointments, annoying business dinners, etc. This is a great economy for you but also for your client.
Mail has a single speed.
With electronic mail, you beat speed post or by courier express deliveries. You can email images, entire books, software, etc ... Everything you want for a very nominal fee.

Effectiveness of electronic mail.
Send a letter to a person can be done by a short message of some words like a novel which when printed would turn pale yellow pages directory.
In addition, before committing to send a message, you have the option to re-read what you are doing and correct the mistakes and above all poorly constructed sentences.
The electronic mail is increasingly the place of the phone by its almost simultaneous conversation while having the advantages of the post.

Rapid reputation has put in place.
With from routine interventions in mailing lists and forums, it is very easy to quickly build a reputation. Professional reputation. Pay attention to what you say and how you say it.
But if you are careful and efficient, you will quickly reach the right people and see your reputation grow and the number of your customers.

All models
Unfortunately, it is not the case. You know why the pretty young women or men assiduously frequenting body-building centers are good representatives of trade, hmmm, you need me to explain ? Yes ? Well, simply because they happen to play other feelings than with the Secretariat of the reason customer.

With the Internet, everyone has the same chances. It is possible to have another color, another size, another sex or other constitution and be a "god" of the sale. With the Internet, values ​​change and the true measurement is made with ideas and not with the physical.

The reaction time.
No need to stand in long market research to find out whether a new product can or will please your customers. Contact them, expose, post your project and see their degree of enthusiasm. Depending on the reaction they will have, you will know if their ca pleases or not!

Permanent contact.
With the Internet, you can manage your case as well of your hi-tech office in the heart of the Sentier in Paris (see all the "start-ups" in Paris) or at home, on your little island in the middle of the ocean Atlantic. Even better, you can go on vacation while keeping in touch with your clients. No need to report that your company closes a month because everyone leaves on leave!
Online marketing gives you the opportunity to conduct your business from anywhere and as you would like it. This is an amazing way that makes good use can open the possibilities that were previously unimaginable.

16 October 2015