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QR Codes

What are QR codes?
QR codes are these squared designs that you must have seen popping up almost anywhere these last months. There is a pretty good chance that you have seen one in magazines, blog articles, billboards, products you bought or even at coffee shops QR Codes are placed on mugs.
QR Codes are computer generated images, they acts as a shortcut to connect customers directly to online resources. When you see a QR Code you only need to scan it with an application on your mobile phone and it will connect you mobile directly to the website or the online resources available online. You do not need to browse!

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Why Your Business Needs To Be Listed

The internet is now synonymous with everyday living and consumers are increasingly going online to research products or services. From checking the price of the latest mobile phone they want to buy or finding out what time the film they want to see at the cinema is showing – it can all be found online. The internet is now essential in the purchasing process as internet usage is rising exponentially in Mauritius and with the increased use of Smartphones’ and a growing e-commerce sector.

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing since a few years played a very important tool for businesses. The scope of Mobile Marketing is no longer limited to the buying and selling of products and services. A range of solution and extensive options are now available. This enables businesses to engage and interact to reach more customers. Research and measure are other options for businesses to consider integrating to improve their strategy, marketing and sales.

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Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising is a form of advertising on the Internet. Online advertising involves embedding an advert into a web page, known as a banner advert. This is done mainly to attract visitors of a website where the banner ad is displayed to click on the advert directing them to another website or landing page. Banner advertising is an effective way to reach potential customers from pages that have a high volume of visitors. Banner advertisement can also be used to create brand awareness.

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10 Reasons Why Online Marketing Is Important

Whether you are just a new kid on the walk or a long established company, online marketing offers today unimaginable possibilities. Here are 10 examples (to tell the truth 11 but 10 is much more rounded):

The birth of a huge market.
And yes, it's over the age of our grandparents when an SME touched only potential customers of his town or area. Today, with the Internet, we can have customers all over the country and even better, across the planet. There is no longer any geographical limits.

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