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Business Communication

Any entrepreneur who wants the sustainability of his business must promote a pleasant social climate for its employees so they can work in the best conditions. Among the tools available to the manager, it is essential to establish proper communication that will allow it to establish a positive relationship with its employees and establish a dialogue.

Good communication is the art of understanding, exchanging of information without blurring the message and ensure proper management of information flows within the company.

Leaders must make every effort to improve communication. For this, they must first create a good atmosphere in order to seek a better return. Effective communication provides more quickly what is expected of each member of the company.
There needs to be a corporate culture based on mutual respect. The esteem of the other and respect are key criteria to communicate. Whatever the reporting relationship, each must respect the other even if the communication is down.

Not to mention that the employees will be predisposed to receive information, so each member of the company should feel recognized.

The forms of communication within the company

The issue of communication within the company is at the heart of leadership concerns. Indeed, the conflict or the lack of dialogue are all observations that can lead the company to the difficulties or the crisis.

To establish good communication between employees and between the employer and its employees, it is important to focus on the different forms of communication in order to use them well.
The main forms of communication are:
• Communication down: classic is modeled on employer with all of its employees or supervisor with all of his subordinates. It usually corresponds to an informative communication: communicating internal regulations, measures of management ...
• Communication up: as you can imagine, it starts from the base of the pyramid (employees) in direction. In general, it is organized by trade unions but may very well come without intermediaries employees by firm structure.
• Horizontal communication: surely the most difficult to implement because there is no functional link. It aims to promote the exchange and sharing between employees of the organization and to avoid conflicts

What are the business communication barriers?

Communication is essential in the business and it allows to work in transparency and avoid conflicts and crisis situations sometimes. However, it often happens that communication is not well established and the company encounters difficulties to deliver a clear and understandable message. This is called: the obstacles to communication.
Becoming aware of these obstacles can bypass and improve communication within the company.

Among the elements that can block or interfere communication:

1. The judgment of each person: it is difficult for humans to be objective and we end up judging usually without taking the time to have some height
2. The information filtering: the person has the ability to collect only the information it wants to hear and thus filter a message. This is also called selective listening, this tendency to self and implicitly sort through the information you hear.
3. The difference in the hierarchy: it is clear that more the message comes from a higher level of the hierarchy, the more credible.
4. Semantic and comprehension problems: sometimes, blocking occurs when one is not the very definition of the words.

How to remove barriers to communication within the company?
For a company to function properly it is important that internal resources skills can connect and be connected.

However, it is possible for the company to try to suppress or even to remove them using some simple methods to set up within the company:

1. The involvement: an employee involved and motivated and will tend to communicate more easily. It is important that management ensures transparency and communicating on everything related to the company involve.
2. Adaptation to changes: resistance to change can cause a real barrier to communication. This is why it is important to raise awareness of the value of change rather than requiring them to do so.
3. In all cases, foster a good atmosphere is the best way to avoid rumors and install a breeding ground for communication.

15 March 2016