Advice, Tips, and Observations on Business and Consumers

Conflicts At Work

Conflicts exist in all avenues of life, it is inevitable. The earth is home to 7 billion of people, it is 7 billion different people. There are no two person who have exactly the same perception about everything. Conflict is in fact the result of friction and disagreements between two or more people, when the views and opinions of one party is resisted, rejected or deemed wholly unacceptable by the other party.

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Own Your Job

Be a businessman or an entrepreneur within your company:

Not long after I left my job to go and set up my own business, I had an opportunity to have lunch with a sales manager of a travel agency in Scandinavia. There were three things that caught my attention about her attitude, and this still remain with me today:

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Business Communication

Any entrepreneur who wants the sustainability of his business must promote a pleasant social climate for its employees so they can work in the best conditions. Among the tools available to the manager, it is essential to establish proper communication that will allow it to establish a positive relationship with its employees and establish a dialogue.

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How To Deal With A Difficult Employee!

What is a difficult employee? There are many definitions or perceptions of a difficult employee! These range from: interpersonal problems; insubordination through aggression or violence; poor performance; poor attendance or punctuality; substance abuse; or lack of integrity. In short, an individual whose performance is unsatisfactory or displaying unacceptable behaviour by the standards and values ​​of your organisation.

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Team Building

The atmosphere at work is a key determinant in the productivity and efficiency of employees. Employee morale is one of the keys to business success. It is therefore important to establish a good synergy among employees, creating a win-win situation. These days the term "Team Building" is prevalent and a necessity for fostering a good working environment. This concept is becoming increasingly popular in many organizations, large or small, with the aim being to devise fun activities to create a bond between the participants and to combine pleasure with professional learning.

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