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Why Should I Install An Antivirus On Android?

Few of us today are using our computers without an antivirus: those who don’t can testify, the results can be dramatically damaging, except for those wizards who manage to get by without. So should we also be wary of malware, viruses and trojans of all kinds on our Android device? Questions and answers are in our articles dedicated to beginners on Android.

Is there a risk in not installing an antivirus on Android?
Until now, few Android devices have experienced real viruses, at least when compared to the number of infected computers. But that does not mean that a smartphone or Android tablet is invulnerable especially since browsing on the internet is experiencing unprecedented growth, and we know how any web browsing can involve risks. But recently, the risk of virus infection has grown: in early October , a trojan (called Obad ) was discovered and was soon regarded as the most dangerous ever listed. It will not be the last.

Is Android more vulnerable than Apple's iOS?
We often hear that Apple iPhones do not attract viruses and therefore they do not need to install an antivirus. This is both true and false: Apple is a much more closed system than Android , so it is harder to enter and develop viruses. Given this difficulty, it is logical that malicious people are turning to the open system that is Android. The inner workings of Android has its faults and these are faults that are exploited by the virus. However, iPhone users are less vigilant than others against viruses, which makes them vulnerable.

Is the Play Store a safe bet?
Yes and no. In theory, Google is supposed to remove and prohibit any application containing viruses or spybots. Unfortunately, this filtering is not foolproof: as we have seen with the impressive number of false iFruit applications (GTA V). We cannot fully trust the Google Play Store. A tip: before installing an application, be sure to look at the number of downloads and the number of positive comments related to it, but also the authorizations requested. Nothing better than other Android users to gain confidence in an application.
That said, the new algorithm implemented by Google is now able to more efficiently rake the Play Store, so users have fewer surprises. Again, be careful what you install. Sometimes a malicious virus can be hidden in a program that appears safe. That is why it is important to also check the developer's name or the company that publishes the application itself. And in addition to the number of downloads, comments and authorizations requested by the latter.

What do I risk if I get a virus?
The main risks can be serious, and problematic for some: the collection of personal information which is then redistributed. You can lose all your data, recover an application to empty your battery or be in possession of corrupted files. And considering the fact that our phone contains more personal information than our computer (phone numbers, email addresses, photographs ...), it is clear that the risk of attacks is growing.

How does a virus infect my device?
Many everyday actions you perform might be hazardous to your Android device: it will download an application from reading your mail, via simple Internet browsing. But all the risks do not come from the internet. It is also possible to get a virus via Bluetooth or Infrared, if you find yourself in the presence of another infected device, in any public place or even between you and your neighbors. The spread of viruses can be much faster than on your computer, we carry this virus in our pocket wherever we go. It is therefore worthwhile to audit with antivirus frequently.

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14 October 2015