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G DATA Management Console:

With today’s multiple systems and controls, it became very hard for any company to follow up their systems and manage them in harmony. To solve this all providers have developed management suites to reliably manage and control their systems and even connect it with other systems. But what features should you be looking for in your product?

To answer this question, let's list the needs that you will look for in your Antivirus product to get the expected benefits:

1- Web based
Mobility has become a major need in today's business, so you should look for a facilities that allows you to manage and access your Antivirus system from any where in your network or even from out side it. The perfect solution for this is to have a web based management console that allows you to access the management functions from any where, on any device and from different platforms. G DATA provides its management console through a web based management interface that allows system admins to access it from their laptop, tablet or even mobile phone with any platform they run like windows, linux, iOS, Android or any other web enabled device.

2- Integration with Active Directory
Stone age of computers is finished and today your would almost find active directory services in any network of any size because it makes IT admin's life easier and so should the Antivirus management console. It is indispensable for any Antivirus management console to provide integration with Active Directory to centrally import computer names and authenticate while pushing the installation package. This doesn't only comes in handy in this situation, it is very helpful as well when there are many changes happening on users accounts or computers where you need to automatically detect the change and apply it in the Antivirus management console.

3- Support multiple user profiles
If you manage a 10 to 20 users in one network and one location it would be probably enough for you to manage it alone, but for more than that, usually a team of IT admins look after different parts of the network. This requires flexibility in the Antivirus management console to adapt to different roles and provide a solution in case any of the IT admins go for vacation. G DATA management console provides a multiple users accounts with different privileges according to their roles and the part of the network they are responsible for. If the IT manager wants to delegate a job to one of the IT admins team members, he just need to create him an account with the exact privileges needed, or if the company's CEO would like to get access to the Antivirus management console and get a view of current security situation, an account with dash board reports only is enough for this.

4- Managing multiple servers with hierarchy
Previous point of multiple user profiles is enough for medium sized networks, but it is not for enterprise environment with multiple networks and servers and big team of IT admins. G DATA fits all network sizes: small, medium and enterprise as the product is engineered for performance and scalability, and part of its desigs, G DATA management console provides the ability to have multiple management and update servers connected to a another main management server in a hierarchy design. This helps IT manager to effectively break down his network into smaller sections with each being taken care by a separate team members. This approach doesn't only help in better management, but also for better security as it separate the different parts of the network and provides a better trouble shooting for any problem it may happen in any of the sub-sections.

5- GUI reporting
The Antivirus management console wont be helpful if it doesn't provide reports about the network security situations in a comprehensive top level reports. G DATA provides that in a good looking graphical reports that helps IT managers and even top management to get an understanding of current end point security by a single fast look into the report. G DATA understands how important is this, so the first thing you get when you open G DATA management console is a customizable dashboard with pie charts representing your current network situation regarding found viruses, connected workstations and other useful insights that can be added to the dashboard as needed.

6- Support backup
Troubles happen! But you should be prepared. A good Antivirus management console will give you the tools to be prepared in case any thing wrong happened that could lead to complete loss of data. Loosing Antivirus management data can lead to re-install the Antivirus again from scratch or in best cases loose configurations and recent detection history which are important.
G DATA management console provides the ability to backup the server data completely and restore it again in case needed, which will save IT admin a lot of work in case of hard disk failure or any other similar problems.
Above features are essentials to any IT admin to get basic advantage from their Antivirus and secure their end points. G DATA provides all of the above mentioned basic features in addition to other features that will be discussed in coming press releases.

25 March 2015