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As more and more of our lives are lived online, cyber-criminals are increasingly attracted to the worldwide shopping and communication platform provided by the Internet. Cyber-attacks are getting more intelligent as well as technically advanced; criminals are getting more professional. Growth in the use of smartphones to access the Internet has created another potential route for the spread of malware. Growth in data mobility has led to increasing incidents of online industrial espionage and intellectual property theft. Number of licenses for Mobile Device Management increased dramatically in the past four years. In business, the ratio of Internet access is shifting from desktop PCs towards mobile devices.

5 Good Reasons to choose G DATA
Technology based on German standards.
Continuous growth: trusted by customers.
Keeping up the pace: high detection rate.
Easy to use due to a well-structured user interface.
Excellent customer service and support.

G Data IT Security and Software solutions
• Perfect protection for computers, laptops, tablets, mobiles, supporting windows, Mac OS, and Android platforms.
• Data and Identity protection
• High quality protection mechanism against viruses, Trojans, worms, backdoors and all cyber threats.
• Optional Modules ; backup, child protection, advanced browser protection that avoids, any manipulation while online banking

You can trust G DATA Internet Security to be looking out for you - for the security of your data and that feel good factor. Offers the best protection against viruses, key loggers and Trojans plus a powerful firewall so that you get the best protection against every danger on the Internet such as phishing, spam and spyware- whether you want to send emails, use online banking services or just surf. New in this version is the comprehensive exploit protection. In addition to virus protection this also safeguards your PC against malware that targets and exploits security vulnerabilities in your installed software.

How security should be: G DATA Antivirus reliably protects your PC against viruses - and your personal data during online banking transactions and shopping trips. So you no longer have to worry about the most common threats. New in this version of Antivirus is comprehensive exploit protection. This also safeguards your PC against malware that targets and exploits security vulnerabilities in your installed software.

G Data internet security for Android offers comprehensive protection against malware, intrusive apps and phishing attacks. Locate lost devices or wipe their content remotely to prevent unauthorized access.

G DATA Antivirus for Mac offers special protection against viruses and phishing attempts for your MAC running OS. Not only does it proactively protect Mac viruses, it also provided additional protection for your Windows PC’s that are connected to your network. These heterogeneous networks consisting of Windows and Mac devices are also appearing increasingly often in households. Integrated phishing protection also blocks websites that try to spy on data.

20 March 2015