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G DATA Close Gap Technology:

One of the well-known security techniques that users are advised to follow is never depend on a single technology to protect their valuable data, instead their should be multiple technologies used so that if one has failed the chances are lower for the second one to fail as well.
G DATA has adopted this since it early development and have always been protecting users based on the output of two protection engines. If a technology used in one of the engines failed, the second will most likely survive and mitigate the risk.

Actually, this is not unique for G DATA, many Antivirus companies are following the same technique and are using double (and sometimes more) engines to increase their chances of detecting and eliminating a virus attack, but following this technique has a cost of its own.
Each Antivirus engine consumes resources from the host computer and especially when a scan job is running, this causes the computer to run really slow and almost prevent user from performing usual operations.

G DATA has pioneered a technology that solves this dilemma, the technology is called “Close Gap Technology”. The way this technology works allows one of the engines G DATA uses to be active where the second engine has a gap. This technique makes the computer works at full speed with minimum impact because of Antivirus while maintaining maximum security with the benefits of two powerful engines.

The Close Gap technology used by G DATA is backed by a complicated algorithm that keeps enhancing it with each update to tune it to the highest detection rate with the most effective usage of computer resources.

25 March 2015