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As more and more of our lives are lived online, cyber-criminals are increasingly attracted to the worldwide shopping and communication platform provided by the Internet. Cyber-attacks are getting more intelligent as well as technically advanced; criminals are getting more professional. Growth in the use of smartphones to access the Internet has created another potential route for the spread of malware. Growth in data mobility has led to increasing incidents of online industrial espionage and intellectual property theft. Number of licenses for Mobile Device Management increased dramatically in the past four years. In business, the ratio of Internet access is shifting from desktop PCs towards mobile devices.

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If your business relying on the computer or the internet,. it goes without saying that having your important information saved on your computer makes it vulnerable to cyber-attacks, snooping or simply viruses when USB was plugged in your computer. These will jeopardise your business if such an event occur. Other can use your internet connection for spamming that slows down your connection and get your domain name black listed thus, your email as well effecting your operation and brand.

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G DATA Management Console:

With today’s multiple systems and controls, it became very hard for any company to follow up their systems and manage them in harmony. To solve this all providers have developed management suites to reliably manage and control their systems and even connect it with other systems. But what features should you be looking for in your product?

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G DATA Close Gap Technology:

One of the well-known security techniques that users are advised to follow is never depend on a single technology to protect their valuable data, instead their should be multiple technologies used so that if one has failed the chances are lower for the second one to fail as well.
G DATA has adopted this since it early development and have always been protecting users based on the output of two protection engines. If a technology used in one of the engines failed, the second will most likely survive and mitigate the risk.

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