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There is certainly much more than just sea, sand and sun to be found in Mauritius.

Reflecting a spectacular natural beauty, some truly unique plants once grew all over this tiny island in the middle of the vast Indian Ocean. In fact, due to its isolated location, most plants that grew on Mauritius were endemic and rare. Alas, they were of little value to the conquerors and soon vastly replaced by edible and cultivated species from all over the world. So today, they are rare gems and need to be protected.

The slaves and labourers on the island knew of the healing virtues of native plants, but it took many years until the descendants of their masters also rediscovered and started to appreciate them. Hand in hand with the recent development of the spa- and wellness-industry; and as a distinct feature of the bio- and nature-movement, a virtual renaissance concerning natural health and wellness took place.

After it had been proven that flower elixirs are great teachers to help balance body, mind and soul, they found their way onto the market, into shops, and also into the spas of Mauritius, where they are used to bring a new dimension of relaxation and bliss to the lucky visitor. Today, the spas of many international hotels or hotels in Mauritius feature flower elixirs like Naturessences or CORESSENCES as exotic and efficient part of their treatments. Naturally made tisanes, creams, scrubs, essential oils as well as coconut oil have also become a presence to be reckoned with in spas and on the markets of Mauritius.

This of course helps small local companies and fosters a diversity on the market. The re-establishing of the distillery that produces essential oils from native and endemic plants like bottlebrush or ylang ylang has proven to be an instant success and there is a general need of holistic health and well-being. Hence nature remedies made according to the method of Doctor Bach finds clients in the local as well as the tourist sector.

Along with the products,all kinds of Mauritius' nature-activities thrive. Be it walks into the pristine jungle, discovery trips to nature-places, Flower Power Events, or holistic wellness-seminars, NATURE is spelled in extra-large letters in Mauritius right now and it is to be hoped, that this wonderful trend will prevail for the benefit of the island and visitors alike.

So let’s enjoy the gifts of nature, with Love, Peace and Mother Nature’s Blessings