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A cyclone is named when it reaches the stage of a moderate tropical storm, which is defined as. winds recorded at the heart of the system exceeding 61 km/h for 10 minutes.
It is all about constant average winds. A single burst does not baptize the system.
As every year, the international alphabetical order from A to Z was upheld.
The first system of the future season will Annabelle and the 26th (if 26 phenomena are observed), Zenani.
The names were chosen by Seychelles, Lesotho, Kenya, Mauritius, Madagascar, France, Swaziland and Malawi.

cyclone in indian ocean 

ANNABELLE - Seychelles
BOHALE - Lesotho
DAYA - Kenya
EMERAUDE - Mauritius
FANTALA - Madagascar
GAO - Botswana
HASSINA - Comoros
INACIO - Mozambique
JUMA - Malawi
KETIWE - Zimbabwe
LALELANI - Swaziland
MOABI - South Africa
NAIMA - Tanzania
OCTAVE - France
PIERA - Madagascar
QUIZITO - Mozambique
RICHARD - Seychelles
SOFIA - Kenya
TATIANA - Mauritius
UMBONI - Malawi
VELA - Tanzania
WAYNE - South Africa
XABA - Lesotho
YAZID - Comoros
ZENANI - Swaziland