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Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is an e-commerce application service that allows credit card payments for businesses. It is a very beneficial system due to the fact that people can buy what they want 24 hrs. A day even at odd hours, weekends or public holidays. As you might have guessed by now, it is a very powerful tool. Payment Asia is a major payment gateway and ecommerce company that offers a vast range of products which any marketing. Payment Asia is the leading e-payment technology and e-business Management Company emphasizes in offering uncomplicated, secure and prompt payment processing network to domestic and global businesses alike.

Established in 1999, Payment Asia is devoted to introducing innovative payment solutions to merchants of the Southeast Asia region. For instance, our multi-currencies supporting system and the Triple-DES/RSA protected, banking-authorities audited data transmission process demonstrated the clarity, simplicity and efficiency of an exceptional online payment system. Payment Asia has been developing rapidly and is proud to have served over 3,000 clients, locally and abroad.

As the leading e-payment solution and technology provider in Asia, Payment Asia delivers all-encompassing, secure, and yet, straightforward services to businesses of all sizes.

5 reasons for using a Payment Gateway
1) Ability to sell even at odd hours/public holidays.
A payment gateway enable you to make sales even when your business is closed, on public holidays or weekends.
2) Physical Cost and Human Resources less.
You do not need to deploy big means at your business to collect the funds, it gets directly transferred to your account.
3) International Market
You can target an International Market since payments do not need to be done at the premises of the business.
4) Payment Gateway can manage thousands of transactions at once, at ease.
A payment gateway can manage huge amount of transaction at a time, hence whether you are an SME's or a large business, it will suit your needs.
5) Keep close track of your sales.
You can have a good record of your business transactions and it will definitely help you for accounting purposes.

Standard Package
Ideal for Small and Medium Enterprises
Simple application procedure
Recommended for recently established businesses
Requires less than 7 working days for complete application process

Premium Solutions
Designated for existing merchant with larger turnover
Simple application procedure
Minimal cost for outstanding results (larger volume = lower cost per order)
Multi-currency, multi-lingual and various cards acceptance and processing platforms
Flexible settlement period provided

Other Services
Payment Asia also proudly offers the following e-payment-related features:
Payment Asia eMarketing Showcase
Fraud Control / Risk Management – Protect your assets with the latest fraud-preventing security system
Pre-Paid Card Services – Save now. Use later. Pre-paid card services allow customers to input capital first and spend it whenever they want
E-Wallet / Virtual Account Service – Keep your money in the e-wallet so you need not to deal with transactions one at a time. Integrated micro-payment management solution, designed specifically for the gaming market strategy

Our role as the leading e-payment services provider has facilitate valuable partnerships between a number of local and international e-business application providers.
With our determination to ensure expectations are met and our partners are well served, Payment Asia continues to nurture the strongest reciprocal partnerships. As a valued affiliate of Payment Asia, partners benefit as we become even bigger and stronger as a team.
Furthermore, by consolidating business opportunities wisely, partners are able to achieve further success through our Referral Program. The Referral Program is designed to offer premium advantages to you as follows:
FREE access to latest financial and market information of the payment industry
Speedy application and enrollment process
Special discount on Payment Asia services
Attractive reward and incentive package
Business synergizing and cross-selling on collective services and products

Payment Asia is one the most prominent e-payment and e-business management company in the Asia/Pacific region and aspires to make its services available to new horizons in 2015. The company has adopted a business model that emphasises on providing simple, sound and instant payment processing network to local as well as global businesses. Founded in 1999, Payment Asia is committed to develop modern payment solutions to businessmen in the South East Asia region. The company provides you with other business services such as the Payment Asia e-marketing showcase, Fraud Control and Risk Management and E-Wallet/Virtual Account Service.
Vision Statement
"We believe that, with our expertise and vast experience in the e-commerce industry, Payment Asia is your best choice for one-stop e-business solutions."
"To carefully protect your existing investments whilst slowly proceeding to a modern, reliable payments transaction setting to acquire the growth you desired»

24 March 2015