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Integrating QR Codes for Businesses

A QR Code is a square two dimensional barcode that can store tremendous digital information when it comes to text, website addresses or any other online information which can guide the user. QR Codes can be deciphered by a mobile phone with a camera and app. Printed on an object or placed in the urban environment, it allows the connection of the physical space to the digital space.

Why integrate ?

Marketers often face physical limitations to disseminate information, QR codes offer several possibilities:
Direct towards a complementary web page displayed on the product;
Offer exclusive deals;
Download an iPhone or Android application;
Offer additional content to encourage purchases

"Transforming real traffic into traffic to your website"

Let me warn you in advance, it is not displaying a QR code on a product, an advertisement or a poster that points to the home page of your site that makes good use of QR codes. There are some rules to follow in order to use them well, otherwise your efforts will be in vain and your campaign useless.

How to integrate ?

A few good practices are to be followed when integrating a QR code. Here is a list of items to remember:
Provide value-added content. The user does you a favour when he scans your QR code
Never point your QR Code to the home page of your site
Create a landing page for scanners optimized for their mobile
Facilitate scans by placing the code at chest height for display advertising
Be aware of the user's environment. The person is probably not at home, she must be able to perform its task on site.
Do not replace a link with a QR code for simple tasks like typing the URL of your website

Where to integrate?

Wherever there is enough space for a label of a square centimeter.
At a customer service counter: leading visitors to the right place in a store
On product labels: Send even more information on the product
On personal identification: Showing Business Cards
On a mobile application website: link to download the application directly
For an off the wall idea: Clever Cupcakes: for an advertising campaign for the Montreal Science Centre, Clever Cupcakes managed to make edible QR codes that redirect to the science centre's web page

Now that you are more familiar with the many uses of QR codes and their integration, there is a tool for generating them very easily: QR code generator. In addition, use a link shortening site, then you automatically have a QR code that comes with the link information page while obtaining statistics on the use of the QR Code.